Use law of attraction to create money.

IMG_20160115_120932If you grew up thinking every rich person ripped someone to gain their wealth, you might have to rethink your understanding of wealth and being wealthy. People with the knowledge on the law of attraction have used them to attract more money into their lives. Even worse, people have kept the law a secret and used it to create more wealth. However, with the law now becoming more known to the world, you can learn and use it to create wealth for your side. Whatever the mind can conceive, it can easily achieve. You might have been wondering why there are very few rich people in the community and how they created their wealth. People have known about this law for centuries and used it gain massive wealth. The Babylonians in the Bible are known to have used this law to become one of the richest races in the ancient history of the Bible. They are known to have created the Hanging Gardens one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The intentional use of the law can be used to attract absolutely anything you want in life. It works in the same process for any object you wish to create. The subject of making money and becoming wealthy is the same, and one can easily use the law to attract wealth to their side. For you to be able to create more money, you must focus on wealth-related issues. The first step in gaining money is noticing that you are not poor and appreciating what you already have. It is impossible to attract more money when you notice you don’t have enough. The thoughts of lacking will be attracted back to your life, and you will remain poor. The secret is focusing on the abundance of money, and you will be surprised how rich you become.

A new signal must be emitted from your thoughts. The new thoughts are that you have more than what you already have in life. You must place your mind in the thoughts of richness. You have to call your imagination into action and believe that you already have enough. It is very easy to act rich, pretend you have lots of money, and you will feel better about money. As you start to feel better about the money, it will slowly begin to follow your way. You can even create a blank check. Place it within your home where you can easily see it on a daily basis. Fill the check with the amount of money you want and the details and place it at a prominent place to be able to view it every day. Let the feelings of having the money get into you, as you believe that you have already gained the money.

The next step is imaging spending the money. Imagine all the things you will buy and what you will do with the money. It is important to believe that you have the cash, and you are spending it in your mind. Feel how wonderful it is to own large sums of money and enjoy the feelings of spending the money. Several people have used this secret to gain money.

The main reason people do not have enough money is because they block money coming their way. Your thoughts prevent money from coming your way. Negative thoughts and feeling block you from reaching your goals and becoming rich. The universe does not keep money away from you. All the money you require already exists but appears invisible to you. People lack enough money stopping the flow of money coming their way. You might be wondering how come you’re blocking money from coming your way yet you want the money. It is all in your thoughts. You have to balance your mind to think more on the money side than on the poor side. Restore your mind more towards abundance than towards lack of wealth.

You can totally transform your life by understanding how the law of attraction works. The only secret to what you want in life is FEEL IT and BE IT. The fastest way to bring money is to make good use of the laws of the universe. It is important to remember the laws have existed for centuries now and will always work whether you know about them or not. Once you become happy and feel you have what you want in your mind, you will attract it all to your life. You must be able to radiate a signal from your mind to be able to bring back what you had in your thoughts. Imagine the universe as a catalog and your work is to declare what you want from it. Give the universe a picture of what you want and it will bring it to you. The power to gain all richness is in our hands, and we are the ones to choose what to do with it.

The moment you understand there is abundance for you in the universe, that is the time you gain all the money you have ever desired. You will soon write back to me and share to the world how the law of attraction has worked miracles for you. Most people might think you have ripped other people’s money or joined some scheme and gained quick money. Those who dismiss the laws will always remain stuck in life and will never understand how the secret to the richness works. Your job is basically to ask, believe and receive and let the universe do its part. The law will always work. People who try it with two minds always end up failing and dismiss the law. However, a look at their lives will tell it all; most of them live a miserable life.

People with massive debts will always keep focusing on those debts and end up attracting more debts. It is important to find a way that works for you in prosperity and use it to draw more money instead of more bills. Change your way of talking about money. Speak words like “I can afford it now.”

Philippians 4:19 says, and God will meet all your needs according to his Glorious Riches placed in Jesus Christ.

The way is to believe that the laws work and to feel the riches in you. Soon enough you will have more than you wanted.
How I attract Money
I wake up every morning expecting a miracle in my finances in some kind of way. I always believe it can happen and it happens. These are some of the money affirmations that I speak over my day.

1. I am grateful for all the money I have and what I am about to receive.

2. I am one with an enormous amount of money.

3. I am grateful now that money comes to me in all possibilities and forms.

4. I am so happy now that money comes to me easier and effortlessly.

5. Say your affirmations at least ten times or more daily. FEEL IT IN YOUR HEART!! Make your own personal affirmations. ALWAYS SAY, I AM.
NIV Luke 11:9 “So, I say to you: Ask and it will be give to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10 For everyone who asks recieves; the one who seeks finds; and the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

The key is to feel it in your heart.




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  1. This is fascinating. One thing though. This font on a black background is fine in a large point size and very few words, but almost impossible to read in a long piece of writing like this.


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