Your Update

Here is an update on, “Know Who The Hell You Are.” It will be available on, May 7, 2016. Here is a sneak peak.

One of the main reason people never get to live their destiny is the discouragement. Somebody tells you are not good at something, and you believe them instead of believing in you. “What do you think makes them better at judging you?” Look at the people who tend to discourage you and see if they have themselves achieved a lot in life. In most cases, you will find they are your fellow friends and work mates some who have achieved nothing big in life. Who makes them know better than you? Some of the great inventors in the world had discouragement all the way but remained successful. You need to ignore doubters and, if possible, keep away from them even if they are your friends. What advantage do you get in keeping friends who never believe in your ability? It is never wrong to listen to advice from people who specialize in certain areas but when they start to tell you cannot make it, ignore them.
Also, check out, “Attraction”.


All Things Are Possible


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