I Am


There is only One Creative Power. There is only One Source. God is called Awareness, Unconditioned Consciousness, Life. There is only one Life and all things in the world are made inside and out of Life or Consciousness. The Bible calls God I AM, which means Being or Existence. I AM conceives itself to be sun, moon, stars, planets, etc. In fact, everything you see is the I AM in infinite differentiation. There is only one Cause, one Substance, one Source. Whatever you affix to I AM through feeling, you create in your world of expression. That is what the Bible means when it says that there is nothing made that is not made that way. Nothing is made without feeling. If you feel poor, you become poor; if you feel prosperous, you become prosperous; if you feel dignified, you become dignified.
By:I Am


What you think, you become.


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