Believe and let go

I am so grateful and simply amazed how I manifested the money I just received. Words cannot express my gratitude, and the knowledge that The Secret really works. Thank you to all who share their stories.

About a year ago, I printed off the check from the Universe off this website and entered the amount of $25,000 cash, made payable to me and hung it in my home office. Some days I looked at it, smiled, and said ‘Thank you’, giving thanks for the money I knew I would receive. Other days I did not look at it at all.

I moved to a new part of Michigan just before Christmas this year, and while moving I packed away the check somewhere and did not put it up on display in my new office. So I basically forgot about it for the past 6 weeks. I knew $25,000 cash was a lot of money to manifest, but that was what I asked for.

My parents had not seen my new house I was renting, all set up, and asked if they could drive over today and see it. When they arrived, they shared that they have been blessed with more money than they need and wanted to see some of what I would inherit someday and bring a smile to my face today, while they were still around to see it. They are still young, in their early 70’s and in good health, so I anticipate they will be around many more years. Anyway, they wanted to do something now that would make a difference in my life and presented me with a check for exactly $25,000, to use where I see fit!!

The exact amount of the check!! They did not know of this Universal check I’d made and we had never discussed it. This gift came from absolutely nowhere!

I am grateful beyond belief, and until an hour ago, it did not dawn on me that that this gift, and my Universal check, were one in the same! It took a year. I forgot all about it, and I still manifested it.
So to all of you, keep the faith, continue being grateful, and maybe even forget about it. Let it go. That’s what happened with me today.



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