Always remember, you will attract what you exactly are in life. Enjoy your life and you will find a partner to enjoy life with. Don’t have an excuse for not going skiing because you don’t have a partner to go with. Your partner might probably be skiing to and waiting for you there. You can live your best life without your partner. Living your best life will make you more attractive and super special that your partner will be able to find even in a crowd. Become the future you want now. Right now, there is the single you and probably the partnered you in the future. One of the best and simplest way to get your soul mate is to start living and thinking like the married you in the future. Think of yourself to be in a perfect relationship. How will you be in a relationship? You might be relaxed, calm, confident, kind and caring. Be all that right now and soon it will all come your way. Do not wait to be in a relationship to be able to manifest all these unique qualities. How will your house look if you were in a relationship? Make those changes now without waiting for your soul mate to make them. Change out all those worn out wallpapers, clean the closet and empty the drawers. Get your beliefs in alignment. You need to examine all beliefs you might be having with love and clear those that are not in alignment to finding your soul mate. Such beliefs are things like “I am not attractive enough,” I do not make enough money to support a family,” or “all the beautiful ladies have already been taken by other men better than you.” The universe has a way of making things work out for you if you are to believe. The universe will simply give a reflection of what you feel about yourself. Never question how it will all happen. Your only work is getting all your beliefs in alignment, clearly define your desires and think positively. Don’t be caught up in the mix of asking how all this will happen. We live in one very magical universe that does things in a magical way. Getting yourself in the how it will happen might impede this law of attraction and deny you your wishes. Your desires will happen in the most amazing way without you knowing when or how they just happened. Live your life without waiting in anticipation for the universe to respond. The law of attraction will communicate with you through intuition. You don’t have to sit and do nothing. As we discussed earlier, live a good life by enjoying it to the fullest. Be open to all possibilities and the universe will deliver the unexpected.-By Coach K

Coach K

Today we’d like to introduce you to Coach Labarron Kennedy.

Labarron, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

How many of you loved spending time with your mother and father? Loved to hear them tell you they loved you when they tucked you into that warm, comfortable bed at night. I’m sure a lot of you! Well, I didn’t have any of those great memorable experiences as a child. Instead, I was placed in foster care due to a drug-addicted mother whose semi-permanent residence was jail and a father who had passed away when I was very young. My sister and I ended up being placed in foster care.

Although my sister and I were together, the life she had differed vastly from mine! She was always shown favoritism. While she had a bed to sleep in all the time, most times, I was given the cold hardwood floors. When I did get the luxury of a bed, if I wet it, the porch became my bed at that point. However, not before I beaten with plastic bats or extension cords while still in the wet clothes. Often while sleeping outside, my sister would feel so bad and come out and check on me.

Also, as a result of wetting the bed, my sister would sneak to bring me food as I wasn’t given any. I soon turned to stealing food or lack thereof. I would steal jelly packets to eat with pecans that fell from the pecan tree, frozen hot dogs from and eat them just as. On days when I would get a meal, I would lick my plate clean when no one was looking. Even if I would have chicken, I would eat the bones, knowing I wouldn’t be getting another meal soon.

I even stole ex-lax, thinking it was candy. So, you know how that turned out! I went through so many mixed emotions and feelings as a child. I was cold, confused, hurt, lonely and scared. As I got older, I still really had no “real” parents to look up to.

Men from the neighborhood and coaches from my sports teams became those that influenced me the most. I was still troubled, seeing that I was on a roller coaster ride of a life. It affected me a great deal! So much, that in 2014, I started to give up on life! I was so angry with God that I begin to fight! Not physically fight anyone but fight God.

I would swing into the air while cursing. I would cry and ask God why he allowed me to go through so many hardships? Why he had allowed me to go through not one, but two divorces? I found myself drowning in the same emotions I once felt as a child. I was angry, now frustrated, and confused!

But it wasn’t until I sat still and began to hear a voice. A voice that said, “I was responsible.” At that moment, instead of fighting God, I began to listen and develop a relationship with him! I started to understand that I wasn’t responsible for the pain I felt as a child. No! I was responsible for holding on that pain as a child and allowing it to carry over into my adulthood.

You see, everyone that played a vital part in my growing up didn’t treat me bad. I held on to the bad treatment that I received and held it to a higher regard than the good. I turned my anger into poor choices, being a follower and not a leader. This ultimately led to me giving up on life.

I soon after started working on myself day and night. I would read, study, and watch anything that would help me better myself. The movie “The Secret” was a major positive influence. I even got a life coach! That one person told me I was somebody and showed me the way. This is why I became a Personal Development Coach. Now, I live to motivate those that are lost but hungry for a change.

I now live in optimism! So, you see, the past doesn’t equal my future. I want to spread to others the same the thing. Life happens for you, not against you! Always remember that!

Has it been a smooth road?

There were several challenges that I had to smooth out. First, I had to have a personal conversation with God about my life. Second, I had to take responsibility for my life. Third, I had to make a plan. Fourth, I had to listen to my inner voice. Fifth, I had to believe in myself. Sixth, I had to do the work. Lastly, I had to reprogram myself, mentally, physically, emotionally, spirituality and financially. Now, my road has been smooth.

Tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.

My business focuses on delivering knowledge and tools to help people to live a better life. We coach them on how to change their mindset. We get to know the individuals on a deep level, so they can understand themselves. We help them to see their responsibilities for their own life. We specialize in personal development. The most thing I am proud of as a company is that, We get to help people live better lives. What sets my company apart is my story. A lot of people have the same story. I had a lot of challenges in my life as a person but, I took the responsibility to face them and reprogrammed myself. I reprogrammed myself to see the good in every situation.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?

What I like most about my city is that there is always a variety of events to attend and different cultures,

I love everything about my city.


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